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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


(Associated Press)
Evan Turner missed his first four shots of overtime Dec. 7, but hit his last. Jrue Holiday missed a pair of free throws in the final minute of the fourth quarter Monday, but hit his final field-goal attempt.

Both shots turned out to be game-winning buckets for the Sixers. Both likely wouldn't have happened if not for coach Doug Collins' unwavering trust in his players.

"The thing I loved about (Monday) night was Jrue missed two free throws then buried that jump shot," Collins said after Tuesday's practice. "That to me was fantastic, and we went right back to him. From my standpoint, I had forgotten those two free throws. I wanted him to. Those were done, let's move onto the next play.

“If you want to instill that in guys, they have to feel some sort of failure before they have sort of success."

Collins went on at length in discussing who should get the ball in crunch-time situations. Considering have guys have earned nine of their last 10 wins in two-possession games inside the final two minutes and 30 seconds, he had reason to.

The Sixers don't necessarily have that one guy in whom the ball is entrusted, but Collins said the Sixers are trying "to develop that."

“I think every team would always say they'd love to have the ultimate closer," Collins said. "Do you want Michael Jordan or committee? Do you want Mariano Rivera or four short relievers? You want somebody who's going to slam the door."

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