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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


(Associated Press)
It didn't take long – four minutes into his postgame presser Wednesday – for Sixers coach Doug Collins to be asked about his team playing out the string.

After the win, a 100-92 decision over Milwaukee, the Sixers face an 8½-game deficit with 11 to go. Collins wasn't having it.

“We're not done yet. Are we eliminated?” he asked. “We're going to keep playing, man. You know me, right? I've never quit before I got to the finish line. We're not going to start that now, and our team doesn't have that personality. We're not going to do that. This city and this organization means too much to me and these players. They're young guys. They're trying to build a nucleus here. They know what they have going into next year and what has to be done to make this right.”

Which is all well and good, but it begs this question: Should the Sixers tank? Perhaps a better question is defining “tanking.”

By no means does anyone prescribe to the notion that the Sixers should intentionally miss shots, intentionally throw the ball away and intentionally give away their games to the opposing teams, just for the sake of bettering their place in the NBA draft lottery. But the term “tanking” is wildly unclear. The draft is filled with uncertainty, and nothing states that a team with a high pick is guaranteed success (See: Kings, Sacramento). Most fans seem to think that there's no harm in losing a few games now to potentially win a few games more next season. Once more, though, nothing is a stone-cold lock.

If you had a crystal ball and could predict the future, what do you see for the Sixers? Do the fold up shop and call it a season? Do they play for pride and win a few more for the sake of it? What do you think?

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